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Web Designer in Raleigh DunnTekAs a web designer in Raleigh, I can help your small business get online with a mobile-friendly website at a price you can afford, that’s going to set the stage for growth. Whether you’re bootstrapping a new business and looking for someone local that can help get you going, or you’re an established business that’s been waiting to update your website to a new responsive design, you’re in the right place because I believe in supporting and working with other small local businesses. Before we go any further, though, it’s important to have at least a basic idea about the actual purpose of your website – what role do you see it potentially playing in the overall marketing of your business.

Business Goals

The business goal of your website should drive the overall web development strategy, so we’ll take the time to be sure we’ve got that right.  Things that will vary based on your unique business needs include the structure, menus, specific design elements to include on each page, and the exact placement of elements within the page, and even how colors are used to help drive conversion. Even if a website seems visually appealing, you might be setting yourself up to fail by including things that subconsciously confuse your visitor with overload, or perhaps not including things that you really needed.  The great news is that none of this is a mystery and we’ll make sure it’s put together in a way that supports your overall business objectives.Conversion Oriented Design Results in More Customers

For example, if you are an amateur painter, you might want to just display your work online where friends and family can see it. Perhaps your website is intended to raise social awareness about a particular topic.  Or, like most of the Raleigh-area businesses we serve, your website might be about helping you grow your business.

Lead Generation

If you’re running a business then you’ll probably agree that your website really has one primary objective, and that’s to generate leads. Secondarily, it helps turn those leads into customers by providing key ingredients that people may not even consciously know they’re looking for. Naturally, your website needs to have a professional appearance, create credibility, and so forth. It isn’t just there to look pretty, after all. It’s there to serve as your main Internet presence – the primary focal point of your business – and help convert the people who visit it into people who do business with you, by relating their driving need – their life story – to the services you provide, and illustrating how you are the best choice to fulfill their need.

Conversion Oriented Design

Conversion Oriented Website DesignOur subconscious mind makes decisions all day long based on things it sees, helping us avoid danger, elevate our status, and achieve our goals, and it does much of this quietly in the background so that our conscious mind doesn’t have to be bothered.  What many people may not realize is just how much research has occurred into neuroscience, marketing, and website design in particular.  It turns out that there are a large number of very specific design elements and structural approaches that lead to an increased conversion rate from website visitors, into more customers for your business.

You can have a cosmetically nice website with beautiful colors and content that completely fails to convert visitors into customers. The reason for this is that what makes something pleasing to the eye, and what reaches deep into your visitor’s mind to hit the right chords so your message resonates with them, connecting their personal needs with your company and services, are not necessarily the same thing. We can help you put it all together so your website and marketing messages speak to your potential customers.

Web Designer in Raleigh

As your local web designer in Raleigh, I’ll help you implement a cost-effective website by starting with your business goals, and then bringing two worlds together – art and science – in order to identify and develop the best design for your particular needs.  We’ll spend the right amount of time to give you a professional appearance that qualifies you with potential customers as being the real-deal.  Our approach includes:

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  • Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Professional Implementation
  • Advanced On Page SEO ($349 Value – FREE*)
  • Improved Security ($99 Value – FREE*)
  • Affordable Quality
  • Special Packages for New Businesses

If you’re in Raleigh NC or the nearby area including Apex, Holly Springs, and Sanford NC (just to name a few), contact me here on my website if you want to talk about how to improve your website design to increase the profitability of your business.


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