Thanks for watching this live recording made on Google Hangouts about SEO 2016 trends we’re going to see. Along with search engines working increasingly to understand and attribute social signals, the landscape of search engines itself is changing. This is going to introduce complexity, but along with it, opportunity. If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that things are changing, so hold on tight!

Brand Marketing & SEO 2.0

One pretty big thing I completely forgot to include in the video is a major shift toward Brand Marketing. At the end of the day, SEO is about helping business owners increase traffic. There’s a growing trend to look at how the brand of company relates to search results, and it involves taking a holistic view of what your company’s brand is about as a whole. It’s not just about your social presence, content marketing, reputation, and so on. It’s about the picture that all of those things together paint about your business, and how they come together to help you market your brand effectively in a given market (locale). Traditional SEO is even more important now than ever, but the ability to execute on this greater set of activities will enable an SEO professional to help a business grow even more effectively. This is what I call SEO 2.0.