I put together a new video explaining how for many small businesses trying to figure out where to start, but not able to affording paying for 3 different services that can get pricey, I developed a special blend of all 3 together that gives a small business everything essential to get going.  What’s special about this is not the 3 services in and of themselves, although they’re all great, but rather it’s that I’m able to affordably price a combination of the three as a blended service.  This is not what most companies do, although I won’t be surprised to see others soon following suit.  My goal is to give new small businesses a way to get going with online marketing in a way they can afford.

  1. Google AdWords starts bringing in new leads immediately
  2. SEO & content marketing helps the business take control over their digital presence and be deliberate in how they grow their brand
  3. Retargeting helps you be sure that the leads you may have spent money to get with AdWords aren’t lost, but rather you can continue to market to them over again!